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Official Recognitions

Katsuyuki Kondo, the current headmaster of Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu, Mainline Tradition, received his Menkyo Kaiden (License of Full Transmission) directly from Tokimune Takeda Sensei in 1988. Fred Bernier is one of Kondo Sensei’s USA Black Belts who leads the New Jersey Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Study Group. Fred travels to Japan on a regular basis to visit and continue his training directly with Kondo Sensei.

Yahagi Kunikazu, received his Hanshi, 8th Dan after training diligently for over 30 with Kawabata Terukata, the former headmaster of Ryushin Shouchi Ryu Iaijutsu. Yahagi Sensei succeeded to the position of Headmaster in 2008 while Kawabata Sensei continues on as his advisor. Fred Bernier is one of Yahagi Sensei’s Senior USA Black Belts who received his Shidoin (formal Instructor License) in 2010. Yahagi Sensei makes yearly trips to the USA to conduct formal training seminars and to conduct student gradings.

Toshio Okuyama, the current headmaster of Hakko Ryu Jujutsu became the Headmaster on April 6, 1986 upon his father’s retirement. Jerry Tardi received his Shihan Rank (Master Teacher Level) along with his formal Teaching License directly from Okuyama Sensei. This license grants him formal permission to teach and grade students up to the rank of Yondan (4th Degree Black Belt) in Hakko Ryu Jujutsu. Tardi Sensei continues his relationship and training with the Hombu in Omiya, Japan.


"Fred Bernier has my total support as a Senior Jujutsu Instructor and as the Leader of a Japanese Martial Arts dojo in Bayonne, NJ. He is one of the highest ranked practitioners in our Jujutsu System and was a personal student of my father's for 20 plus years. As a teacher, he is highly qualified and respected, and as a practitioner there are few people with his knowledge and passion for the art of Jujutsu. He continues to learn, train and teach the Japanese Martial Arts on a high level and I'm honored to say that he continues to be part of the DePasquale Yoshitsune Jujutsu family."

Michael DePasquale Jr.
Headmaster, Yoshitsune Jujutsu System

"Fred Bernier is one of my Senior Students and has my support and sponsorship as an instructor and practitioner of Ryushin Shouchi Ryu Iaijutsu (School of Japanese Sword). He is a dedicated student that trains diligently and is a generous teacher that shares his time and talents with his students. I'm proud to call him both my friend and my student and would highly recommend him and his school to anyone interested in learning the traditional Japanese Martial Arts of Jujutsu and Sword."

Phil Ortiz
Head Instructor, New York Budokai


Yoshitsune Jujutsu Kai - Excellent
By Kevin May 2012

THE REAL DEAL!!! I have been training in the Martial Arts for many years and when I decided to further my knowledge I came across a beautiful dojo in Bayonne NJ. Sensei Bernier and Sensei Tardi who holds high ranks in Japanese Jujutsu, welcomed me with open arms. From the first class I saw, I knew that this is where I wanted to be. Being someone with a Martial Arts back round I was very impressed of the way the traditional techniques was applied to real street situations. They run their dojo as a CLUB and not a BUSINESS!!!! Both Sensei Bernier and Tardi are a perfect combination of Ying and Yang, which is what every Martial Artist needs to be superior in their style. Not only are they great at what they teach but they are always a friend first!!! So if you are looking for a great bunch of guys that love what you love, this is where it is.

Yoshitsune Jujutsu Kai - Excellent
By a Google User June 2012

A great welcoming atmosphere at this school of traditional japanese jujitsu. The school ensures that both aspects of MARTIAL and ARTS are taught in a safe, appropriate and engaging manner. The school has a family environment where I felt very comfortable. The two teachers are EXCELLENT with a world of knowledge and experience that they share. Sensei Bernier and Sensei Tardi have high ranks in Japanese Jujitsu and do NOT teach for money, they run the school as a club and ensure the dojo is well maintained, comfortable to train and have fun. The class size is perfect, allowing training with the senior students, allowing for one on one training sometimes with the sensei. I joined about 6 months ago and cannot stay off the mat!!

Hakko Ryu Jujutsu - 5 Stars
By Donald December 2011

Yoshitsune Jujutsu Kai is more than a "Dojo" where one goes to learn . Having been involved in the martial arts in some form or another since 1972, I decided to stop in one night to see what it was all about. As per advertised on their web site, I was invited to stop on by, wear loose clothing and be willing to sweat.
This school is in another state from where I live, about 20 miles, so there were certain things which had to be involved in the decision process. My first night at the dojo, I met one of the Sense's, which took his time to demonstrate some Crazy techniques which made me want more! Suddenly the commute didn't matter. This is a sophisticated art, that with time practice and dedication, becomes a lifestyle. I have studied full contact karate, and a brief look at Aikido. They are all part of this system. Hakko Ryu Jujutsu has become a weekly explanation of something new during every class. The two Sense's in charge are patient, sharing and knowledgeable beyond my wildness dreams! Without reservation, everyone whom I have come into contact are all equally sharing, making this a total family atmosphere, always with open arms.
PS: my personal goal also to shed a few pounds is happening. HAVEN'T MISSED A CLASS YET. As they say," no harm, no resistance and no competition."

Dedication to the highest level - 5 Stars
By Gregory - Apr 17, 2010

What can I say about the Yoshitsune Jujutsu Kai? One of my instructors has watched me through half of my life with welcome arms to training no matter what my situation or problems in life and never gave up on inviting me to train. Whenever I see the head instructor I see his teachers before him and their teachers. I see the true spirit of Budo in their training. Both have put in their time and effort to "keep their blades sharp" and are passing their knowledge on through their students unselfishly. True martial and life teachers. I cannot express enough love for this school and how it has not only allowed me to grow as a martial artist, but as a person as well.

Yoshitsune Jujutsu Kai a True Martial Arts School- 5 Stars
By chrislang - Apr 16, 2010

I have trained in 3 different martial arts over the past 10 years, my journey led me wanting to find a school that teaches traditional Japanese JuJutsu. I finally found it at Yoshitsune Jujutsu Kai. I drive 50 miles one way to train at this school. I have developed a good eye for truly talented instructors, you will find them at this school. Notice I said "Instructors". It is an advantage to learn from two highly skilled instructors. This is a grade A school all around, for anybody that wants to learn real world self defense applications, or they are looking to challenge themselves through dedication, to a martial arts style that can be traced back to the Samurai themselves. Then this is the place to find that!

Yoshitsune Jujutsu Kai - 5 Stars
By tailor78 - Feb 18, 2010

The Dojo has a welcoming atmosphere with well versed, dedicated instructors with strong ties to their root systems. They promote a traditional sense of ettiquette while allowing for enjoyable interaction.

Yoshitsune Jujutsu Kai - 5 Stars
By Bill - Feb 5, 2010

Super self defense instruction. Complementing the Yoshitsune Jujutsu style with superb sword instruction. A couple of highly skilled instructors with diverse approaches to teaching. Felt welcome from my first free introductory class. Very reasonably priced, convenient location.

Outstanding - 5 Stars
by qballstud - Jan 7, 2010

This is a great school! The instructors are masters of the arts and thoroughly knowledgeable. It's an informative and fun time the moment you step through the doors. Anyone interested in studying traditional martial arts needs to look no further than Yoshitsune Jujutsu Kai.

by Mike - Dec 30, 2009

"This is a great school with great instructors who have a passion for the Traditional Japanese Martial Arts."


Ryushin Jigen Ryu Instructors with Yahagi Sensei

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