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Practical Self-Defense

The Hepi Ryu style of self defense is a practical, highly effective method of self defense that is relatively easy to learn. A perfect method of defense for Woman, Seniors or those that don't have the time or interest in the lengthy process of learning a full Martial Art system.

By using a hardened weapon like a stick, it makes it possible for anyone to be capable of protecting themselves or their loved ones. Imagine stopping or controlling an opponent with a single strike or control technique. With proper training and knowledge of the anatomy, it is possible for anyone to easily overcome a larger, stronger assailant.

The weapons used in this style of self defense include the Hanbo (3 foot stick), Cane, Tanbo (Night Stick) and Yawara Stick (6 inch stick). Each of these are weapons present in our daily life. The most practical, available and effective weapon is the Yawara Stick, a 6 inch piece of wood that can be carried with you at all times. It can be carried in your pocket or handbag. Imagine being able to drop a would-be assailant with a single strike to a vulnerable target to enable an escape to safety.

The initial weapon taught is the Hanbo, a 36 inch stick used to easily block, strike, choke or control an attacker. Striking techniques are varied and highly effective against specific target areas. With proper instruction this short stick can be used to strike, knockdown or control a larger, stronger opponent.

This style of self defense system is what is termed a Soryu (Inherited School). This kind of school was taught and passed from father to son and rarely, if ever taught outside the family. My teacher was very careful with who he taught this art. He would always say, be very selective of who you teach. I use the same judgment and am only interested in teaching people of good character that are interested in protecting themselves.

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