A Japanese Martial Arts School of Jujutsu, Aikijujutsu & Iaido

Welcome to the Yoshitsune Jujutsu Kai

Japanese Iaido is....

a method of wielding the sword, one of the Japanese Martial Arts which has been practiced from ancient times until present day. The “i”in Iaido refers both to the existence of the body and that of the spirit. The “ai” refers to adaptability, the impromptu execution of movements whenever and wherever an appropriate response is necessary. The "do" refers to the path or way taken by its practitioners.

The practice of Iaido requires a calm spirit, extreme concentration and skill. Every motion, such as the movements of the arms or legs and body, must be perfectly coordinated.

The physical practice of Iaido includes drawing, parrying and cutting motions, as well as various methods of returning the sword to the scabbard. Training focuses on Kata, pre-arranged forms that are designed as defenses against an imaginary opponent, and each form teaches several principles of correct sword handling.

We also have partner practice or sparring (kumadachi), where we use wooden swords. All students use an unsharpened sword (Iaito) for safety reasons. We also practice cutting bamboo mats (tameshigiri), for this we use real sharpened swords (shinken) under close supervision.

Consistent training improves one’s physical conditioning, balance, flexibility and your mental state. Through this training your self-confidence, concentration, and alertness will improve.

Free Trial Lesson...

come in and give Japanese Iaido a try with a free trial lesson. Call 201-725-9019 now to set up an appointment to participate in a lesson with no obligation to join. No prior experience is necessary. No equipment needed.

Iaido Classes are...

conducted on Monday evening at 8pm and Saturday mornings at 9:00am.


members pay monthly dues of $100 per month. We do not use contracts of any kind. Membership entitles you to attend all Martial Arts Classes. New members can purchase a training uniform on their own or through the Jujutsu Kai at a reasonable price.

Yoshitsune Jujutsu Kai...

is led by Fred Bernier, one of Ryushin Shouchi Ryu's USA Black Belts who received a formal license to teach directly from the current Japanese Headmaster.

School Benefits

  • Your instructor will be an authentic, black belt teacher that is licensed to teach by the current Japanese Headmaster and will personally teach every one of your Iaido classes.
  • You will have the opportunity to train with the current Japanese Headmaster every year when he visits the USA for a series of training seminars and student rankings.
  • All of your rank certificates will be issued directly from the cuurent Headmaster from the Japanese Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.
  • You will enjoy training in our school because it is a respectful and safe place where egos are left at the door.
  • You will progress rapidly in your skill and rank by being taught the core principles of Iaido from the start of your training.
  • You will learn how to focus your mind, body, and spirit and it will help you build up some positive energy to help make you more successful.
  • Your monthly dues will be affordable and you will never have to deal with any type of contract.

Location and contact information...

Yoshitsune Jujutsu Kai
1055 Broadway (52th St)
Bayonne, NJ 07002

Fred Bernier, Chief Instructor